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My Approach
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My Approach
First, the foundation of my approach as a therapist is that of empathy, acceptance, compassion, and respect for all those who come to see me.
Second, I have primarily a “client-centered” approach to therapy; I believe that you have your own answers and healing within. My primary role is to help facilitate your process of discovering those answers that will result in healing and growth for you. Along with facilitating your process, I also provide information and tools that you may not be aware of.
Third, I take an eclectic approach with regards to how I facilitate your process. I believe that each person comes with his or her own unique way of processing, and what “works” for one individual may not “work” for you. In addition, I feel that different therapeutic needs and stages require different approaches.
Finally, my approach as a therapist is strongly influenced by my own psychological and spiritual journey. I believe that our minds and emotions, and our spirits need to be engaged in the therapeutic process. While I do not actively promote any one spiritual path as a therapist, I align with the 12 Step Program that states that to grow and heal we need something bigger than ourselves. The journey towards healing and wholeness is not for the faint of heart. A spiritual path can be an additional source of support, insight, comfort, encouragement, and wisdom.